Our Programs

FCD delivers post graduate programs to students with family or work commitments and who may not have access to similar courses due to geographic or financial challenges.

M.Sc Pharmacy Administration and Policy Regulation

in partnership with the University of the Western Cape

Do you want to help bring safe, efficacious, and accessible medicines to patients around the world? This Master of Science program, delivered in partnership with the University of the Western Cape will give regulators and professionals working in the health sciences, the skills to lead the development, licensing and ongoing pharmacovigilance of medicines and medical devices.

M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Science

Delivered by FCD and the University of the Western Cape with scientific support from the Technological University of Dublin

Africa’s biopharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid pace. The African Union and PHAHM – Platform for Harmonized African Health Products Manufacturing  are working for the continent to produce 60% of its vaccine requirements by 2040. This Masters will give you the skills to help realize that ambition. Graduates can work across the biopharmaceutical industry, from tableting plants to cutting edge biotech facilities, from quality assurance and quality control to validation and operations.

Next intake: March 2025 

Post Graduate Diploma in Regulatory Sciences

Would you like a post graduate diploma tailored specifically for regulatory professionals who do not want to commit to a two-year masters program? This course will equip you with the skills needed to play a significant role in the development, licensing, and ongoing pharmacovigilance of medicines.

Next intake: October 2024 

Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science

The goal of this post graduate diploma, delivered by FCD in partnership with the University of the Western Cape and with scientific support from the Technological University of Dublin, is to equip professionals in the pharmaceutical industry with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in production, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and many leadership roles. The diploma is designed to foster an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the biomanufacturing field and to develop the competencies required to successfully negotiate the dynamic, highly regulated, and competitive environment of the industry.

Next start date, October 2024.

Post Graduate Certificate in Regulatory Affairs

This post graduate certificate is for those who wish to improve their knowledge of regulatory affairs and the economic environment medicines are developed in. Delivered over 10 weeks, graduates gain the core skills and knowledge to support the regulatory journey of a medicine or medical device whether working for a regulatory agency or within industry.

This course begins every month.

Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Operations

The course covers the core topics one must know to manage the operations of a research site. Graduates are expected to improve key operations at the sites where they work. They should be able to effectively coordinate clinical trials and help improve participant safety, recruitment and retention.

Next intake: January 2025