M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Science

For further information email segieyeh@uwc.ac.za or and Jeremy Whitty at Jeremy.Whitty@faculty.ie 

Next intake: March 2025


Delivered by FCD and the University of the Western Cape with scientific support from the Technological University of Dublin. This is a two-year master program and students have two options to complete it:

  1. It may be completed part-time via online modules plus a mini thesis on an approved topic.
  2. Or the course may be completed full-time by research on an approved topic in either Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology or Pharmacy Practice.

Students intending to pursue the scientific aspects of pharmacy are encouraged to apply for the 100% research version of the course whilst those who are currently working in the pharmaceutical industry or want to pursue a career in the industry are encouraged to apply to the taught program.

Program Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the program, the successful graduate will have:

Support Quality Systems and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the pharmaceutical industry

Apply a science-based approach to solving problems in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals

Demonstrate a mastery of pharmaceutical sciences relevant to the development and production of medicinal products.

Outline the stages of industrial drug development, from drug discovery, development, testing and clinical trials, registration and post marketing activities;

Recognize the role of regulatory bodies which controls the development, registration, manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products;

Prepare and review reports that provide a clear description of an investigation or stud and provide an appropriate conclusions and practical actions that may be taken in a GxP setting.

Work effectively as an individual and in multi-disciplinary teams.

Why Study this Program? 


Develop a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry with a special emphasis on quality, an area with strong career and employment prospects.

Gain the skills to lead quality and operations roles in the production of medicines.

Learn from renowned world leading experts in this very important discipline.

Award Title
Master of Science

Program Duration
24 Months

In Partnership with

With Support from
TUD Dublin

Entry Requirements

Applicants with any of the following qualifications may be considered for acceptance:

Four-year degree in science or engineering (e.g., BSc Hons, B Eng).

Four-year degree in pharmacy – [e.g., BPharm or BSc (Pharm)].

Degree in medicine or allied discipline.

Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science delivered by FCD in partnership with UWC plus three years’ work experience.

Post Graduate Diploma in Regulatory Sciences delivered by FCD in partnership with UWC plus three years’ work experience.

Four-year degree in a non-scientific discipline plus three years’ work experience.

Three-year degree in a science or engineering plus three years’ work experience.

Applicants without these qualifications may be considered if they can show suitable motivation and a high potential to positively contribute to the course. Consideration will be based on academic merit and appropriate experience.


This program consists of the following modules.

Leadership & Negotiation

Research Methods

Biopharmaceutical Processing and Quality Assurance

Generics & Biosimilars

Research Project

Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Evaluate a CTD

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Control

Regulatory Affairs

Pharmaceutical Science

Program Benefits

Graduates will receive a Masters from the University of the Western Cape a world leading, research-led, learning and teaching university with a legacy of social justice, community engagement and graduate employability.

Designed and delivered by leading experts with a global perspective.

You can study while balancing existing family and work commitments.

No need to travel as the program is online, available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Applications for the program should contact Professor Samuel A. Egieyeh at segieyeh@uwc.ac.za and Jeremy Whitty at Jeremy.Whitty@faculty.ie for more information.

M.Sc Pharmacy Administration and Policy Regulation
M.Sc Pharmacy Administration and Policy Regulation