Biopharmaceutical Processing and Quality Assurance

Module Objectives

This module aims to deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of key aspects of biopharmaceutical processing, quality assurance, and validation techniques, all within a regulated manufacturing environment.

Content Summary

In this module, students will explore advanced bioprocessing methods, the principles and applications of validation techniques, the management of contamination and clean rooms, and the overarching importance of quality assurance in a GMP-regulated environment.

Intended Module Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this module, students should be able to …

Analyze and apply advanced bioprocessing methods in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Evaluate and apply principles of various validation techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Manage contamination and ensure clean room management within a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.

Apply and evaluate the principles of quality assurance within a GMP-regulated environment.

Understand and apply the principles of production management within the pharmaceutical industry.