About FCD

Faculty from the University of the Western Cape, Karolinska Institutet, the university that awards the Nobel Prize in medicine, and Harvard Business School formed FCD in 2016 to deliver the ‘right programs to the right learners at the right time’.

Our mission is to bring high quality science education to all, and to achieve this we share the knowledge, skills and experience of world leading experts with students who would not have access to similar university programs due to geographic, financial or time constraints.

FCD have trained participants from over 130 countries in collaboration with the Global Health Clinical Consortium, which includes product development partners such as
IAVI, MMV, AAHI, DNDi, FIND, PATH, TB Alliance, IVI as well as Clinical Research Organizations including IQVIA, DFNET Research, FHI Clinical, Emmes and TCD-Global.

FCD was funded by the
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct a knowledge and technology transfer of our Clinical Operations program in partnership with CDT-Africa at Addis Ababa University
FCD was recently selected by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, in collaboration with the Partnerships for African Vaccine Manufacturing, to help enable emerging African biomanufacturing training initiatives find the right operational and business model to develop biomanufacturing training centers in Africa.
Researchers at FCD are working with our partners to build a compelling business case for vaccine manufacturing on the Continent of Africa. This is in response to recent challenges encountered by Africa CDC’s goal to enable the African vaccine manufacturing industry produce 60% of its vaccine requirements by 2040.
FCD College
FCD College